week 5

Depending on the results of your latest test, continue with the appropriate week and column, even if it means you have to complete Week 3 or Week 4 again.

week 5: pick the appropriate column depending on your latest test results
Day 1
rest 60 seconds between each SET (longer if required)
  41 - 50 lunges 51 - 60 lunges > 60 lunges
set 1 24L 38L 46L
set 2 24R 38R 46R
set 3 18L 30L 36L
set 4 18R 30R 36R
set 5 max (at least 26A) max (at least 45A) max (at least 52A)
Day 2
rest 45 seconds between each SET (longer if required)
set 1 13L 23L 26L
set 2 13R 23R 26R
set 3 15L 26L 30L
set 4 15R 26R 3OR
set 5 13L 18L 23L
set 6 13R 18R 23R
set 7 12A 20A 28A
set 8 max (at least 32A) max (at least 52A) max (at least 58A)
Day 3
rest 45 seconds between each SET (longer if required)
set 1 17L 25L 28L
set 2 17R 25R 28R
set 3 19L 27L 32L
set 4 19R 27R 32R
set 5 15L 20L 24L
set 6 15R 20R 24R
set 7 14A 24A 30A
set 8 max (at least 39A) max (at least 58A) max (at least 65A)
L = left leg lunge
R = right leg lunge
A = alternate leg lunge (e.g. 4A = left, right, left, right)

Surprise, surprise, it's time for another exhaustion test. Week 5 was a tough one, and if you've made it this far, you're getting close to reaching your goal. If you're able to perform more than 75 consecutive lunges, feel free to move on to Week 6. Couldn't quite manage 75? No problem, just repeat the week and you should be ready to go after another three workout days. Good luck!

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